IMIX is the process by which I mix your song/album over the internet.

It is a very simple process that results in your music sounding bigger and better than ever.

Simply email me and we'll discuss your project.

You then prepare the audio files for mixing according to my guidelines.

Send me the files via FTP transfer to my secure FTP site or mail me a hard drive.

I download the files and using a combination of classic analog GEAR and modern digital plug-ins, I create your dream mix.

I then post a mix for you to listen to - you make a list of comments and email them to me.

I adjust the mix according to valid comments.

You listen to the final mix and float on air with happiness at how great your music sounds.


To hear some of my mixes, listen on my MIXES page or my REMIX page or my PERIMETER PRODUCTIONS page.

I also offer Drum Programming or Live Drum Tracks to enhance your production.


To get started, please email me at imix(at)jameystaub(dot)com




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