Perimeter Productions is Jamey's production company. We specialize in Music Production for commercial release, television shows and films. We have a staff of world class writers that can compose music for any situation: Rock, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Country, Funk, Soundtrack, etc...We have studio locations in New York City, Los Angeles and Toronto. Currently, Perimeter is developing relationships with video production companies that will allow us to produce, edit and complete any type of audiovisual project imaginable. Below are some examples of our work..


My Network Voices

Proposal for show "Burn Notice" on Fox

Proposal for show "Drive" on Fox

My Network Funky

Use the player below to sample short musical selections available for licensing.

In addition to composing music for television and film, Perimeter Productions works with select artists to produce, record and mix music for development and commercial release.

Topher Mohr - Produced and Recorded by Alex Elena, Mixed by Jamey Staub

Honeycomb - Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Honeycomb and Jamey Staub.





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